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Raw Honey is honey that has not been heated above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which keeps it’s many therapeutic virtues and delicate fragrance intact. Honey contains the essence of flowers: The honeybee (apis mellifera) creates honey from foraging nectar from a wide range of flowers, and deposits it into the honeycomb. The bees collect nectar from around 5 million flowers to produce just one pint of honey!

Raw Honey has an indefinite shelf life, even a 2,000 year old jar excavated from Egyptian tombs was reported to taste delicious. Honey has been used by people of many cultures for millions of years, and humans have developed a very special relationship with honey bees over these millenia. Honey has been a long-understood medicinal and therapeutic gift, and it’s medicinal qualities have been mentioned in all major religious texts of humanity.

Raw Honey is therapeutic and healing both internally and externally. Since honey contains pollen grains from a wide array of local plants, daily consumption of locally harvested honey provides a homeopathic dose of potential allergens, which can assist in decreasing immune response and lessening the symptoms of pollen-based allergies.

Honey is easier to digest than regular sugar, and does not stimulate insulin secretion to the degree that regular sugar does. Honey is a complex and unique blend of many different sugars, aromas, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, minerals, salts, acids, lipids, pigment and flavor compounds.

Oral ingestion of honey can help with insomnia and sleeplessness, laryngitis, indigestion, and constipation. It is anti-viral as well as anti-fungal. Externally, honey has been known to help in healing burns, wounds.